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Traditional Taoist & Chinese Culture Articles

The Five Shen: The Metaphysical Side of Medicine

In this article, we'll be exploring the fascinating concept of the Five Shen, or Five Zhi (五 志).  In TCM, the "Five Shen" refers to five aspects of the spiritual and energetic dimensions of a person.  The Five Shen are: Hun (魂), Po (魄), Shen (神), Yi (意), and Zhi...

The Po & Hun 

We have two aspects to our consciousness. The Ethereal Soul (Hun) is the aspect of consciousness that comes from the Heavens and leaves the body in death to return there. It is subtle and intangible in its form. It arrives last after birth and it is the first to leave...

The Hun & The Shen

Before we jump into the Hun, or Ethereal Soul, I'd like to talk about Shen first and clarify the context in which we use the term. People often translate "Shen" as "spirit". The term "Shen" can also encompass the TCM diagnostic criteria of "life" observed in one's...

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